Autodromo di Mores

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The Autodromo Nazionale Franco di Suni, also known as Mores of Sardinia, is the first and only facility of its kind on the island.

It is a tight, flowing and competitive track, ideally suited in the shorter 1-mile layout (1.65km) towards lower formula racing cars and touring cars.

Born from the ideas of Sardinian entrepreneur and racing driver Uccio Sweaters, and designed by Engineer Pier Luigi De Blasio, Mores Raceway is dedicated to the Marquis of Suni Franco, who for many years was president of the Automobile Club of Sassari, and has contributed significantly to the development of motor sport in Sardinia. It is one of the newest among the Italian race tracks, construction work began on July 15, 2000 and completed March 15, 2003 (the date of opening).

Autodromo di Mores has one roadcourse configuration.

Relatively slow speed Short layout of 1 mile/1.65 kilometers. 9 turns (6 actual), anti-clockwise rotation.

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The Autodromo di Mores track is a free addon for our racing simulation rFactor2. Download it here.

If you wish to attend an event at Mores Raceway, please visit their Web site.


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