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Try or Buy rFactor 2
$43.99/84.99 Windows Only PCDL

rFactor2 Try/Buy

Please note that if you need assistance, have pre-purchase questions or have a problem running rFactor2 not covered by the FAQ, you can post in our support forum.

rFactor2 is an evolving product, and as such, we expect to be adding cars, tracks and features for many years to come. We encourage people to purchase rFactor2 based on its current features and content at the time of purchase. We offer a one-time 7-day refund if you are unhappy with the current product for any reason (see “risk free” section below for refund policy), and you should decide on whether rFactor2 is right for you during this period.

You should download the demo version in order to check if rFactor2 will run on your system.

Free Demo Installer

rFactor 2 Demo
Jan 3, 2015 – Build 910
Fully featured drive-able demo, including the Corvette C6.R, Formula Renault 3.5 and Silverstone Circuit
If you wish to purchase rFactor 2, you can do it directly from the store (cart) page in the Demo Launcher.
After purchase and online activation, you will be able to add more cars and tracks. Download free add-on content from the lists below.

rFactor2 comes packaged as an install executable (exe file). Please note, however, that some content (cars, tracks, sounds, etc), are separate downloads.

To install rFactor2: Run the file by double clicking on it and click Yes on any User Account Control warning.

rFactor2 Setup Wizard

On the rFactor Setup Wizard window, click next.
Read the License Agreement and click I Agree.

Select what you wish to install (we recommend that you leave all options selected), and click next.

Select the location you wish to install the CORE files to (default location in “Program Files” is recommended) and click next.

Select the location you wish to have DATA store in (this must be system-writable, and will contain things like setups, replays and – most importantly – the cars and tracks you have installed). We highly recommend also using the default “Documents folder” setting for this, as you may have problems later otherwise. Click next when done.

Select the Start Menu folder name you wish to link from (default location is recommended) and click Install. The Setup Wizard will then extract files, showing you a progress bar while it does this.

The Setup Wizard will attempt to update Microsoft DirectX, which is required by rFactor2. Please accept Microsoft’s agreement and complete their installation wizard, if it opens.

Now simply click finish to close the setup wizard.

When purchasing rFactor2, you will be given two options. Both are the same product, they simply have different pricing structures and one has limitations on online services. Online services include all multiplayer racing, and some features which make updating easier.

Before making a purchase, make sure your system meets the minimum system requirements listed in the FAQ. You can use the demo version to check you can run it.

To purchase rFactor2 after installation, run the launcher and go to the Store (cart) icon. This will open our Web site.

Account Creation Form

Beside “buy license”, click next, then select whether you want to buy rFactor2 (standard) or buy rFactor2 with lifetime online services, and click next beside your selection.

Fill out the form, taking care when spelling details such as your name, nickname, password and email address. Complete the CAPTCHA box on the right side, then click Create Account.

On the Payment Gateway page, you can select your preferred secure payment service. But before you do, make sure you enter coupons you have (if any) and click apply. You should see the total displayed change.

select your preferred secure payment service, both of which accept most major credit/debit cards, and bank transfers. You will be sent to their payment forms, where you should follow the on-screen instructions. Once you are done on their site, you will be sent back to us, where you can confirm and click Process Payment.

You should now see a page with some text, please write down your invoice number (which looks like RF12345678), and check your email for your invoice.

You also should be able to move to the Helmet icon in the launcher, and (once you have some cars and tracks installed) start racing! If your product isn’t activated, it should prompt you to do so.

Note that “lifetime” refers to the retail lifetime of the product, which we expect to take us forward for many years. Also note that local currencies may differ from those shown here.

Right click menu for Install

To add content (cars, tracks, sounds, etc) to rFactor2, simply download the package files (also known as “mods” or “components”) and place them into the “Packages” folder. Then, run the rFactor2 launcher and click Manage Mods at the lower right.

You should see a list of mod names matching what you have in your packages directory. To install one, simply click with the right mouse button on one and select Install.

By default, the Packages folder is located in:
/My Documents/rFactor2/Packages – But if you chose a different data store path during installation, it will be wherever you put it.

Note that some content may require another item to be installed first. Until the required item is installed, the Mod Manager will tell you it is unable to install them.

If you do not see anything in the list, try using the menu options to show other items. Your mod may then be visible.

Updating the core could not be simpler. Run the rFactor2 launcher and go to the Update tab.

On the Update tab, make sure you’re logged in, then Query for an update. If one exists, Download and Install it. Or – You can simply click the large image at the top left to have the launcher do all that for you.

Right click menu for Update

To update content (cars, tracks, sounds, etc), follow the exact same routine you did when first installing it. Simply download the update package or new version and place it in the “packages” directory.

Open the Mod Manager, right click on the one you wish to update, and select update.

The Mod Manager will show you when a mod has an available update in the packages folder, by showing an asterisk (*) on the left side.

We advise you to install the demo version to check if your system can run rFactor2 before you purchase, but after purchasing you may request a refund for rFactor2, if eligible. Your eligibility depends on when you made your purchase and is good for 7 days. 7 days should be more than enough time to see if development is moving at a pace you are happy with, or if the product is outside your tastes.

To process a refund, please contact with subject title “Refund Request: [your name here] – [your purchase order number here]” with your request and comments (if any) in the body of the email. Please email from the address associated with your rFactor account.

Note that in some cases, we may have to wait to receive your money before we can send it back to you. We also cannot refund any money to you if you were given rF2 for free by another organization, you should be refunded for their product/service by them. Allow at least two working days for your refund to be processed. Please note that refunds only apply to initial purchase of rFactor 2, any subsequent purchases or re-purchases of rFactor 2 are NOT refundable.

Our support forums are always open. Please try resolving any issues you have running the software before requesting a refund.

Open this Web page, then simply select which “Gift Coupon” option you want from the list. (Note that only two of the four options are Coupon options).

Just follow onscreen instructions, and you will be given a code that your recipient can use for what you selected.

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