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The design goal of the D4 was to put as much power as possible into as small and light a package as possible, while still being able to use it, and still provide a high level of safety. The Hillclimb configuration is the ultimate D4, with over 350hp in a AWD chassis weighing just over 425kg. Even the base Trackday configuration is still potent, with over 170hp, packaged in a car that weighs slightly more than 400kg.

Despite the light weight and small size, the D4 is designed to share the track with much larger cars, and is overbuilt for a car of its weight class.

The D4 is an evolution of the Palatov Motorsport modular platform. It follows the design of the first prototype Palatov dp1, and shares most components with the more powerful Palatov D1. A version of this design was entered in the 2012 Pikes Peak International Hillclimb and took first place in the Unlimited class, with David Donner at the wheel. A replica of the 2012 PPIHC livery is included with the rFactor 2 version.

To match the real-world car, we have developed the model with three realistic classes: Custom, Hillclimb and Trackday.

An additional Trackday Multiplayer class was created to better fit the car to sim racing.

Tires were built mainly by ISI using the latest technology available at the time, with data provided by Hoosier and Palatov.

The sets are named:
– Sim Lasting Compound Set: Set of 3 compounds for MP purposes (more wear and degradation than the real tires).
– Long Lasting Compound Set: Set of 3 compounds for testing real car (real wear and degradation).

Each set contents:
– Hoosier R DOT.
– Hoosier Racing Slick.
– Hoosier Wet.

The differences between the sets are only in the wear and degradation. For easier management of the tires for the different series, we have set them up as follows:
– Custom Class: both sets available.
– Track day Class: only Long Lasting Compound Set available.
– Track day Multiplayer Class: only Sim Lasting Compound Set available.
– Hillclimb Class: only Long Lasting Compound Set available.

A lot of extra effort went into creating high quality models for each compound, each made for its specific purpose:
– Each compound of the Long Lasting Compound Set lasts very very close to the real-world Hoosier tires mounted on the D4.
– Slick compounds of the Sim Lasting Compound Set are tuned for exciting strategies in MP races; faster performances of the Racing Slick are balanced by the longer life of the R DOT.

To create the three engines we worked with real dyno data and, in case of the Turbo, applying the latest technology provided by ISI.

There are three different engine options:
– Hayabusa 2015 1.3L inline-4 engine, 174.5 P.S. @ 9750 rpm, 150 Nm @ 7250 rpm, normal aspirated, that equips the Track day and is available as option for the Custom Class.
– Hayabusa 2015 Turbo Stage I 1.3L inline-4 engine, 226.1 P.S. @ 9800 rpm, 195 Nm @ 7750 rpm, that is available as option for the Custom Class only.
– Hayabusa 2015 Turbo Stage II 1.3L inline-4 engine, larger radiator, 351.6 P.S. @ 10250 rpm, 283 Nm @ 8100 rpm, that equips the Hillclimb and is available as option for the Custom Class.

There are two different steering wheel options:
– rFactor 1 system, that shows you the selected tire degrees.
– rFactor 2 system, that is better integrated into the specific features of the car and that shows the selected steering wheel degrees.


The Custom class reflects the options that are available in the real world. This enables potential customers of the real-world car to test various configurations and evaluate the differences. In the sim, we recommend that the Custom class be used with the Turbo I option, to create a car that is similar to the base Track day setup, but with improved performance.


Track day
The Track day and Track day Multiplayer are the best classes for the traditional circuits. A perfect balance between performance and stability without excessive power, which gives the opportunity to appreciate the balance of the chassis, tires, and drivetrain.


This is a monster! It has a lot of power for and is lightweight, demanding a lot from the driver. We recommend mastering the Track day setup first. The Hillclimb configuration, as the name suggests, is born to be driven on open circuits like Pikes Peak.


The D4 is designed to deliver immediate response and very high levels of mechanical grip. Warm the tires and avoid trail braking. In most cases, braking straight and then using power as soon as you turn will get you the best results. AWD of the Hillclimb configuration makes the car more stable but it also allows throttle much earlier in a turn. It is always better to be on-throttle than off!


Steering (FFB)
The steering wheel FFB strength is very noticeably strong. It was calibrated to be very close to that of the real car and the response is unusual for many sim racers. It takes a little time to get used to, but rewards you with realism and precision.


Because the D4 is designed for high cornering speeds, it generally doesn’t like trailbraking (carrying brake into turns). Brake straight, turn in fast, apply power early but smoothly. You don’t have to slow down as much as in regular cars. Use this to an advantage. Trailbraking can be made to work after you are familiar with the car, but start with the approach above first.

The Palatov D4 is a free third-party addon for our racing simulation rFactor2. Download the car here.


Mr. Dennis Palatov provided a lot of data and advice to ensure best possible correlation in the sim model vs. the real car. Much testing has been carried out on virtual circuits to compare data and performance with the same circuits of the real world.

To further facilitate this we built a private version of the Oregon Raceway Park Circuit, where Palatov Motorsport conduct most of their real world testing. This has enabled direct comparison with logged data and video from the real car.

We would first like to thank Jonathan Frost, the Palatov Motorsport Factory Pro Driver, who will drive a supercharged D2 at the upcoming Pikes Peak International Hillclimb in June, 2015.

3D remake and new spare parts by Alessio Contardi & Chris “redapg”
Original driver and driver/steering wheel animation by Alex Coutie
Skins, Helmet & Suit by LcR & Juergen-BY
New engine physics by Nicola Acciarri RFE and Chris “redapg”
New native turbine by Chris “redapg” & Nicola Acciarri RFE
Physic Consultants: Nicola Acciarri RFE & Chris “redapg”
Promo Video by Racefreak1976
Graphic, Physic and overall structure by Slow Motion RFE

Thanks to ISI for technical support and help, to several testers that spent many hours driving and providing feedback, and to the rFactor Community for helping in solving many issues!


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