Reactivating rFactor on Your Computer

The rFactor Purchase/Unlock system operates through this interface:

Purchase (buy Key), Activate (use Key) options.

Purchase is where you get your Key. Activate is where you use your Key.

When you purchase rFactor using the new activation system (after November 2012) you will be given the Key – keep it safe. You simply enter that Key and your EMail into the relevant boxes and click the icon beside them to activate rFactor. You will need to do this the first time you install rFactor, or after a major system change.

Note: If you purchased rFactor before November 2012, you will need to convert your old Purchase Order Number given to you by TryMedia into a Key. This page will help you. If you run out of renewals/reactivations, you can request additional ones by sending your details through to


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