Purchase/unlock system

Click here for a guide on unlocking and activation.

To purchase and unlock rFactor, you need to have the product installed and be connected to the internet. To play rFactor (once purchased) you do not need to be connected to the internet, but do need an active ethernet adapter.

rFactor can be purchased directly, rFactor will continue to run indefinitely, unless the hard drive is formatted or the machine is significantly changed.

Although the rFactor license is for one machine, we realize that people change computers (either from a heavy upgrade or all new system). This is why the reactivate system is in place. You can currently do this five (5) times automatically but can also reactivate it more than 5 times for free by contacting customer support so that we can verify your purchase. Reinstalling it on the same system does not require reactivation, unless you remove the activation data.

If you need additional activations, please send your Product Key to purchase@rFactor.net. You can find this Product Key in your confirmation email. You should have received this confirmation email from Trymedia or Image Space Inc, if you did not or need to recover it, please visit and fill out this form to obtain one.

To run a dedicated server you do not need to purchase or unlock it. You do need to install it however. It will host on a LAN or internet connection.


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