I have not received any email from you after purchase!
How can I contact ISI for support?

Purchasing problems and questions | View English FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Getting a missing DLL file error when you first run rFactor?
Can you explain rFactor’s unlocking system?
How do I reactivate rFactor?
How does the trial system work?
Help! I forgot my Product Key! Can I find it?

Product Key / Activation ID / Steam Key conversions
How do I convert my TryMedia Activation ID to a Product Key?
How do I convert my Product Key to a Steam Key? (Steam does not offer refunds).
Can I convert my non-TryMedia DVD version to a Product / Steam Key? (Short answer: no).
Can I convert my DVD copy to Steam and/or an ISI Product Key? (Short answer: usually no).

Problemi con l’acquisto e domande
Puoi spiegarmi il sistema dello sblocco di rFactor?
Come usare il mio codice di sblocco?
Come riattivare rFactor?

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