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Please check through this page and see if your question is answered prior to contact. Thank you.

I have pre-sales questions before I buy?
We’re happy to help. If your query is not answered on the site, please email support@rfactor.net.

I have not received any email from you?
Some providers block our emails. Read more…

I’m looking for help with rFactor 2?
Studio 397 now develop and support rFactor 2. You can email support@studio-397.com or seek support in their forums. Please note that Steam transfers of rFactor 2 from ISI are no longer possible. Unsupported ‘as-is’ ISI files can be downloaded from the legacy links here.

I’m looking for general help with rFactor?
If your query is not answered on this page, please email support@rfactor.net.

Where is the game manual?
The game manual is located in your rfactor\support folder, though some information may now be out of date.

I can’t find my rFactor product key?
You can use this form to request or recover a product key.

I’m being told “System Change. Contact…” and cannot activate rFactor?
Please email activations@rfactor.net to ask for your activations to be reset. Your system change triggered an anti-piracy measure. Read more…

When I try to activate rFactor, nothing happens?
Most likely your firewall or router is blocking the rFactor.exe file from accessing the internet to activate, but this can also happen if you are using a version of Windows older than Windows 7. Please allow an exception for our exe and/or update Windows.

rFactor wants me to reactivate for no reason, but says it cannot connect?
Most likely you installed a mod that over-wrote the current version of rFactor with an older one that no longer works. Download the Lite installer and try installing that over the top of your rFactor folder. It should replace any outdated files.

I formatted my PC, how do I reinstall rFactor?
Download, install and run rFactor. Enter your email and Product key into the appropriate boxes and click the check/tick beside them. Read more…

I want to convert my old rFactor purchase (made online via TryMedia) to a current product key?
You can use this form to request or recover a product key.

I want to convert my current rFactor product key to a Steam key?
You can use this form to request a Steam Key (This invalidates your right to a refund).

I want to convert my old DVD version of rFactor to a Product key and/or Steam?
This isn’t possible unless your DVD version activated through TryMedia or ISI. Try filling out this form to request or recover a product key and we will let you know if this applies to you.

My antivirus software detects rFactor as a virus?
First ensure you have downloaded rFactor from a trusted source, such as the ISI server via the download’s page of rfactor.net. If that download is still reported as a virus, it is likely that your antivirus software is reporting a false positive. Contact tech support of your antivirus software for further details and recommendations.

I get a missing DLL error when attempting to start rFactor?
Most likely you need to install DirectX 9.0c. Read more…

rFactor crashes when I try to load a practice and/or race session?
Most likely you installed a mod that either does not work, or broke something else. You’ll have to re-trace your steps and remove that mod.

When I try to join an online server I keep getting mismatches, then booted back to the main screen?
Most likely you have a different version of a car or track the server is currently using to race with. You will need to find the exact same version.

Will rFactor run on a Mac? What about using BootCamp?
While we are aware this has worked for our customers, this is not a supported environment. Given the different architecture of a Mac, there is no guarantee such a configuration will work as rFactor was not designed to run in this environment.

Which controllers are compatible with rFactor?
rFactor uses DirectX’s DirectInput. Your controller should be DirectX compatible with compatible drivers, and setup & configurable in Windows Game Controllers within the Control Panel.

I cannot log onto rfactorcentral.com, am having trouble registering, want to cancel my subscription or need support?
That site is not owned or operated by ISI. Please contact their webmaster for assistance.

If your question was not answered by one of the above links or answers, please contact us.


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