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Please note that if you need assistance, or have a problem running rFactor not covered by the FAQ, you can post in our support forum.

Please note that rFactor is also available on Steam. If you do not wish to purchase from us directly, please consider that platform. Please note that Steam does not always support refunds.

rFactor v1255g Full Installer(Demo included)

Note: Other rFactor files can be found here.

rFactor comes packaged as an install executable (exe file). Run the file by double clicking on it and click Yes on any User Account Control warning.

rFactor Setup Wizard

On the rFactor Setup Wizard window, click next.

Read the License Agreement and click I Agree.

Select the location you wish to install to (default location is recommended) and click next.

Select the Start Menu folder name you wish to link from (default location is recommended) and click Install. The Setup Wizard will then extract files, showing you a progress bar while it does this.

The Setup Wizard will attempt to update Microsoft DirectX, which is required by rFactor. Please accept Microsoft’s agreement and complete their installation wizard.

Lastly, the setup will ask you to setup your graphics/video options, please do so, then click OK. Click Finish on the rFactor Setup Wizard to complete the rFactor installation.

Purchase now, Activate, or try the Demo.

When rFactor is first run, you are given three choices: You may immediately purchase rFactor (see step 4 below), activate an installation, or try it for free.

To try rFactor for free, simply run the program by clicking the DEMO option.

Please make sure your system meets the minimum system requirements before purchasing rFactor:

Runs Best With:
– Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 processor
– Windows 7, 8, 10
– 2GB RAM (4GB on Steam)
– Geforce 7900 GT or Radeon X1900 GT
– 256 MB video RAM
– DirectX 9.0c
– 2.0 GB of hard drive space for installation
– Internet connection required for system activation, enabled network adapter required for gameplay

To purchase rFactor for the first time, run the program then click Purchase. That will take you to a purchase page on this Web site (here), where you can make the payment in various currencies via the secure PayPal Web site. Current price: $24.99 USD.

After purchase, you will be supplied with a Product Key. This Key is used to Activate rFactor (see below) for this first purchase, or when you have made a major system change. Keep the Key safe!

Once you have made your purchase, or after a major system change, you will have to use an Product Key. Run rFactor and enter your Key and EMail into the appropriate boxes, then click the icon beside them. rFactor will activate and launch.

Note: If you purchased rFactor before November 2012, you will need to convert your old Purchase Order Number into a Key. This page will help you.

We offer a one-time 48-hour money-back guarantee on your purchase of rFactor. Just contact us within 48 hours if you’re unhappy with your purchase and would like a refund. Please allow at least two business days to process your refund, after your request. Please note that refunds only apply to initial purchases of rFactor, any subsequent purchases of rFactor are NOT refundable.

Our support forums are always open. Please try resolving any issues you have running the software before requesting a refund.

Please note that Steam does not offer refunds, if you have either converted your purchase to Steam, or buy from Steam.

To give rFactor as a gift, simply complete the purchase and send the Key to the person you wish to give it to. You can also enter their email during purchase to send it to them directly. Standard refund policy applies, from time of purchase.

You may also purchase rFactor as a gift on Steam. Steam does not offer refunds.

rFactor is available in limited quantities on DVD. The DVD version does not require activation.










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