Our emails that you should add as trusted senders, are: noreply@rfactor.net (to receive rfactor1 confirmation emails/Product Keys), purchase@rfactor.net (to receive rfactor2 confirmation emails) and accounts@rfactor.net (to receive rfactor2 password reset emails).

We get a lot of returned emails from the free.fr and Comcast domains because they are blocking our emails.

If you have a @free.fr account and/or have not received emails from us, you will need to add “noreply@rfactor.net”, “commerce (at) rfactor (dot) net”, and any other @rfactor.net address you expect a reply from to your allowed recipient list (see your email help and support for more detailed instructions).

Once you’ve done this, try your request again or contact purchase@rfactor.net and request us to resend the information you requested.

If you still don’t receive emails from us, you’ll need to contact your email provider and ask them to unblock us or otherwise help you to resolve the issue of them blocking and returning our emails.